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Hot Shot Border Collie puppy buyers guide:

Hot Shot is a hobby breeding kennel only, I do not do it for a business, I do it because I love the breed. My litters are carefully thought out and pre planned. If you are interested in more information or in a possible puppy please fill out my puppy application form. I want to get my puppies into their "forever homes" so please only inquire if you are seriously considering a border collie and have researched the breed and are aware of their energy level and herding instinct. I am picky on my prospective "new" homes and believe I have the right to be. In general my puppies are sold as follows:

Pet Homes

Puppies are sold on AKC limited registration on a spay/neuter agreement and sell for $1000.00. This means no breeding rights will be given on those pups.

Performance Homes (agility, obedience, etc)

Puppies will be sold on AKC limited registration and sell for $1200.00

Show Homes:

Puppies are sold on AKC full registration for $1500 and up. If interested in breeding, the dog must be a finished champion and pass all health clearances before being bred.

Puppy picking process:

I have a waiting list for each litter. In general I let my show and performance homes pick their puppies first. I don't pick puppies until 8 weeks of age after they have been evaluated for structure and temperment. My best structured puppies will go into the show and performance homes and then my pet homes can pick from the remaining pups, in order of my list. It is sometimes hard for people to wait to pick their puppy, but I have found this process to work the best. It helps me not only put the best structured pups in show homes, but also helps me to know each puppies temperment and help families to choose the puppy that best fits their lifestyle.
I prefer all of my pups that are sold, to be family members, and not to live outside. If you are looking to just breed a dog or you are not sure you want an energetic dog, please do not inquire about my dogs! The border collie is a wonderful breed and deserves the very best homes and that is what I am looking for in a prospective buyer!

Please feel free to fill out my puppy application and I will get back to you!

Heidi Laskowski
53431 Card Road
Macomb, MI 48042