Hot Shot's Double Dawg Dare Ewe CD. MX, AXJ, XF, CGC.


I have so much gratitude to you for letting Miles come to my house. It all started about eight years ago when I was not even sure that a border collie was the right breed for me. You invited me out to your place and introduced me to the breed, answered a million questions I had and told me the facts about what having a border collie in my life would be like. I wasn't ready at that time, but we kept in touch and through the years I noticed that the dogs you bred were really sound-minded. They were all friendly, and outgoing but had the "off switch" that seemed to be missing from so many border collies.

Well we decided the time was right and to be honest I could not pick a puppy- I had come to know each puppy and they all were so bright and friendly. We ended up choosing Miles by the way he acted at his evaluation. Instead of baiting for the piece of cheese you were holding, he dove for the whole stick of cheese that he knew was his for the taking- I just thought it was the cutest thing.

Miles is the easiest dog in every way that I've ever met. He is my shadow and the closest thing to a teddy bear there ever was. He wakes up in the morning and gets his morning belly rub and follows me around all day. Whatever I want to do is what he wants to do. I don't go to many trials, yet he is only four and already has his MX, MXJ and XF titles in agility. He is easy to run- as long as I'm in the right place he does what I ask. He doesn't shop for extra obstacles to take and I trust him 100%. Recently Miles earned his obedience CD. I entered three shows and he received very respectable scores each time. Training him is so much fun I'm really looking forward to doing more with him. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement and for letting "Smiles" be my dog. -Leslie

Born: March 25, 2006

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