MACH, U-CD Hot Shot Four On The Floor CD, RN, XF


I fell in love with Cruise the first day Heidi sent pictures of him and his littermates at one day old, and the love affair has grown daily since. In my opinion Cruise is the perfect package all rolled up into one astonishingly beautiful dog. He is fast (getting close to 7 yards per second in Jumpers), driven, honest, focused, and a more biddable dog you will never find. He has excelled in the obedience ring and is pointed in conformation, but agility is his true passion. He qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships in 2010 and will be going again in April of 2011. At his first Nationals in March of 2010 he was first place in the International State Team Completion for the State of Michigan. He also earned his MACH in December 2010. He is a wonderful representative of his breed (and Heidiís breeding program) due to his gifted athletic abilities and drive combined with his gentle, sweet, calm demeanor outside of the competition ring. He truly is poetry in motion to see as he moves around the agility ring which has caused his handler (me) to get caught watching because he is so breathtakingly beautiful. But beyond all that he is our family friend and companion, my partner, and my teacher. As I write this now, he is curled up asleep at my side; and I canít help but think how blessed I am to have him. I have not yet found the words to express my thankfulness or awe of this dog. He truly has stolen my heart.

Cherie Hirons

Born: June 24, 2005

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